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The Ultimate Guide to HVAC

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Having a good heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is a must have, especially in East Idaho. The Summers are scorching and the Winters are long and cold. There is an endless amount of information to browse through when researching local HVAC companies. The vast amount of information can be daunting.

We've done thorough research and sat down with local HVAC professional to create a comprehensive guide to HVAC for East Idaho residents. 

Repair & Maintain 

If your furnace is under 15 years old, chances are it is worth fixing. Every furnace should be thought of as a car. Your wouldn't expect a car to last or run smoothly without maintenance. A simple yearly tune up or diagnostic will keep your furnace ship shape.

If your furnace is out try these tips before calling a professional.

Should you need a repair or maintenance checkout this first time offer from Doug's Repair with locations in Idaho Falls, Rigby and Rexburg.

First Time Offer

$60 DIAGNOSTIC FEE - Learn if a quick or affordable fix can save your thousands.


Air Filters

Proper air filter maintenance can save you up to $5,000 in future repairs. A lot of issues that clients have with their HVAC system can be traced back to improper air filter maintenance. A new filter must be changed every 1-3 months. 

Consult with your service provider on what air filter is recommended for your current system. It is crucial that you get the correct air filter. Typically the best filter to buy would be a 1-inch fiber filter that is designed to let enough air force through. 

Installing the wrong filter can affect the heat rise. For example, if the wrong filter was installed on a furnace it can actually slow down the air flow which can cause the furnace to overheat and break down. 

Ask your service provider if they offer yearly maintenance. 

As a point of reference, quality air filters for a furnace can often are only 5-20% more than the cheapest options. 

What is The Best Furnace to Buy?

A variable speed gas furnace or a modulating gas furnace is the most cost efficient furnace you can buy. This furnace can cover up the cold spots of the home that a traditional single speed furnace cannot. They can often make up for improper or insufficient duct work that would cost an arm an a leg to replace. It's high efficacy but will not be your cheapest option. 

The Amana AMVM97 variable speed gas furnace is the best furnace to buy according to Doug at Doug's Repair a Rigby HVAC professional. It ticks off all the right boxes. Amana furnaces come with a lifetime warranty. Most furnaces only come with a 25 year warranty.  

They have a stainless steel heat exchanger which are much more durable compared to an aluminum heat exchanger. Stainless steel heat exchangers are resistant to corrosion. These furnaces are built to last and repair without replacing.

Expect to pay to change out a furnace as low as $1,500, average $3,000-4,000. 

HVAC Pricing Examples From Doug's Repair.

Watch out for affordable monthly payments that hide a $1,000-3,000 markup for the convivence. Good providers will be transparent about how much you are paying with cash or financing. 

Home Warranties (warning)

If you decide to go with a home warranty, make sure you fully understand what the warranty covers and what it does not cover. A home warranty may sound attractive at first, but it could be more costly in the end. 

Keep in mind that some home warranties do not cover the full cost of repair. Often times you have to meet a deductible. If you don't meet that deductible, then you would have paid more for the repair than you would have if you didn't have a home warranty. 

Home warranties have exclusions on what they will not cover. Watch out for contracts that void the warranty for improper maintenance. Proving maintenance is a near impossible task.

If a repair is needed, the home warranty provider will most often choose the service provider to do the repair, and it is not often the best company around. Rather manufacture warranties on internal parts avoid most of these issue while covering you.

Ductless Heating/Cooling System (rarely recommended)

A ductless heating/cooling system is great for rooms that you can't usually get airflow to or want at a consistent temperature all the time. 

These units are not cost effective. They have a higher efficiency rating compared to traditional electric heating and cooling. They are more efficient than an electric heater because they use a pump and can alternate between all or part of their internal cooling and heating coils. But they do not offset the cheaper alternatives that use gas.

ductless heating and cooling system East Idaho

HVAC is definitely something you should leave to a professional. Consider these points when choosing a company or what heating and cooling unit you want to install. If you follow these recommendations, you'll be well taken care of. 

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