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What to Look for in a Seller’s Market

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Want to maximize the value you get out of selling your home? With our simple guide, we'll teach you what to look for in a seller's market and identify the do's and don'ts of getting your home ready to sell, so you can get the most out of your home.

3 Do's of Selling a Home

1. Choose a Realtor That is a Local Expert

In the U.S., the average person can expect to own three homes during their lifetime.

As a result, this makes hiring the right professional that much more important, if you want to get the most out of selling your home. With the market fluctuating more than usual, it’s even more important to find a realtor that is tapped into the ebbs and flows of the SE Idaho community’s real estate market, so they can help you make the most informed decisions leading up to you selling your home. In Idaho, that is especially important when it comes to knowing things like the flooding zones, water rights, land laws and how to effectively leverage 1031 exchanges.

What Cost to Expect

Real estate agents are paid off of a commission of each home they help sell. Most take 5-6% of the value of the sale price, although, this rate may vary.

What You Get for That Cost

  • Answer Any Questions You Have
  • Educate You on the Current Market Conditions
  • Navigate Laws
  • Schedule Home Showings
  • Negotiate the Best Price for You
  • Represent You Throughout the Sale
  • Get 10-30% More Value Out of Your Home
  • Help You Through the Mountain of Paperwork
  • And More!

Below are a few options of market experts in our area that can help you get started.

Buy or List Properties

Kelly Jenkins Realty

(208) 351-0319

2. Timing is Everything When Considering When to Sell

In SE Idaho, we recommend looking to sell your home in the Spring or Summer. People around here, tend to move more in July and August because:

  • Companies Are Less Busy
  • Kids Are Out of School
  • Easier Time to Transition
  • Good Weather
  • The Yard is in it’s Prime
  • It's Easier to Evaluate a Home

The Winter may be the best time because:

  • There's Less Competition
  • Highlight Home’s Energy Efficiency
  • Discounts Are Offered
  • Movers Are Always Available
  • Flexible Scheduling

To ensure you pick the best time to list your house, we recommend you make an informed decision with the help of a realtor. They can help you discern what is best for you and your situation, while being mindful of the current climate of the housing market.


The #1 red flag that will deter someone from buying your home is buying days on market. Just like you wouldn't eat stale food, a stale home loses it's "wow factor." To avoid this hiccup you can simply take your house off the market and put it back on. This will ensure your home has the best fighting chance to be sold.

In a seller's market, you don't have the power to say "we'll buy your house once we sell." The seller has all the power. Keep in mind that most homes stay on market, on average for 21 days, so you’ll need to look at offers right away to ensure you don’t end up homeless.

3. Stage Your Home

In this market, most SE Idaho sellers think that if they put their house up, it will sell with little to no work. This is absolutely incorrect.

Houses that are staged are statistically proven to get more offers and get over asking price. Bear in mind that the concept of less is more is preferable when it comes to staging your home with big furniture. With less “clutter,” prospective homeowners can easily picture themselves in your home, making buying your home a more attractive option.

3 Don'ts of Selling a Home

1. Try to Make the Hard Sell on Your Own

Want a tip that will help you close on selling your home and possibly help you earn 10-30% more value out of your home? If you hire a real estate agent, don't try to make the hard sell on your own. Real estate agents have seen every scenario and know how to sell a home better than anyone. When you as a home owner supersede their expertise and go around them to try to finagle a better deal out of a potential buyer, you jeopardize your chances of closing that deal. We know it is hard trusting someone with your livelihood, but the results will speak for themselves.

2. Fluctuate Your Listing Pricing

No one selling a home wants to scare away potential buyers. The best way to avoid doing that is by avoiding fluctuating your listing price too much or too frequently. If you drop your price, people will think something is wrong. If you raise your price, without doing your due diligence and being aware of the current housing market in your area, people may turn tail and run to find the next best deal. This is why it is important to find and stick with the "right" price.

3. Only Consider the Highest Offer 

Want to avoid a potential headache? Carefully weigh your options when considering the highest offer. Make sure your real estate agent looks into who their lender is to ensure the potential buyer's offer is legitimate. Sometimes people throw out high offers to bluff their way into securing a home or have so many conditions or baggage that they're not worth the headache. 

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