Word of Mouth Accelerator 

East Idaho home service businesses band together.

Referrals = Money 

Each member of the East Idaho network refers to every business within the network both in person and via technology automatically.  

And yes, it's exclusive, so no businesses overlap in the network. 

Members include Mike at East Idaho Carpet Cleaning & Jared Gentry at Gentry Window Washing.

Monthly you will see a report of how many homes were referred to the network and your business.

Customers served! 100 Homes Reached

In-person referrals

Simply hand out the modern business cards provided and have your customers scan the QR code.

The QR code accomplishes 3 things:

  • Educate your customers about all services and deals offered 
  • Get more Google and Facebook reviews 
  • Receive organic referrals from others within the network 

Automation technology referrals 

We will work behind the scenes to contact each referral through an automated system. To see examples of emails and text we will set up and send on your behalf, fill out the form below.

    After you submit the form, you will receive a basic version of what customers will receive. 

    1. Email detailing what you offer. (This is meant for every website form submission to go out right away. P.S. We will ensure all the spam form submissions disappear)
    2. SMS text asking for feedback. (This will send to every paid customer invoice to catch unhappy customers and funnel the happy ones to leave an online review)
    3. Another email asking for feedback. 
    4. A 3rd email introducing the network offers. (This is a natural way to introduce the network of referral partners) 

    Reviews = Money

    A simple feedback system encourages happy customers to leave a review and dissatisfied customers to contact you directly.

    If you have submitted the form under the section "Automation technology referrals", then you can see how automation will help you get more reviews. 

    Partner Offers 

    When customers check out the network's deals and offers, this is what they will see: 

    Word of Mouth Accelerator Pricing

    This is everything you've ever wanted without the ridiculous fees. Choose this plan to accelerate referrals, reviews, upsells, lead connect time, and even rank higher on Google.

    Annual Contract

    • $159/m $259/m + Business cards
    • $100 Setup

    P.S. Ask about websites designed to get more leads.