Demo Referral & Review & Automation Power

Just imagine.

Referrals = Money 

Each member of the network referrers each other in person and via technology automatically.  

Just hand out new modern business cards.

The QR code accomplishes 3 things:

  • Upsells or shares a promotion
  • Shows them were to leave feedback
  • Shows them each partner offer

No extra marketing expenses, no extra effort, yet outsized referrals and sales. Take that Google and Valpak.

I also tell you how many homes were referred to the network and you each month.

Upsell Leads 

Each lead gets information and upsells.

Never miss a form submission again

    After the form is submitted:

    1. I'll text the contact phone number to you.
    2. Place the lead in an easy to access CRM, Hubspot (automatically tags the source (EX Google Ads).
    3. Emails the customer your upsell or special offer educating them.

    An added bonus for Wordpress websites, The web form screens most spam submissions. 

    Over the next 6 minutes you will get an accelerated version of (Customers will be spaced out):

    1. SMS text the customer asking for feedback. (Catch unhappy customers before they leave a bad review)
    2. Email the customer asking for feedback. (Get more positive reviews from happy customers)
    3. Email the customer naturally introducing the network offers.

    We will automatically sync all your paid invoice customers to the CRM so you can market to them in the future. It's all accessible on an app. When receiving a phone call from a customer, you will see their name on the caller ID.

    We can make the asking for reviews based off of paid invoice or tagged customer in QuickBooks.

    Turn website chats into leads (Basic included, Advanced demod)

    Basic chat widget allows FB messenger messages.

    Advanced chat bot texts you when someone chats with you. Also place the lead into your CRM, Hubspot sending the email offer immediately.

    Reviews = Higher Google Rankings & More Money

    See your Google reviews, Google maps interactions and rankings improve, and the leads it generates, all from 1 app.

    In that same app manage replying to reviews and all social media chats.

    Ongoing Referral Marketing

    Email and SMS marketing constantly deliver the highest return on investment of any other marketing channel. Combined and with everyone doing it together, it's a no brainer. 

    Monthly you get a report of how many homes we got the network into. These are people who pay for home services professionals and have been referred to your business, a golden referral, not a wishy washy expensive lead. 


    Everything you ever wanted without the ridiculous fees. Choose this plan to accelerate referrals, reviews, upsells, lead connect time, and even rank higher in Google.

    Annual Contract

    • $159/m $259/m + businesses cards, passed on per send expenses like text messaging, emails, post cards...
    • Setup $300.


    All leads centralized & marketed to (Google, FB...) - Never drop a lead again

    Advanced chat to lead bot & text notification.

    Sync with appointment setting software (HouseCall Pro, Hubspot Sales, Jobber...).

    Email & SMS marketing - Close more deals.

    • New lead nurturing (Educate why you over all your competitors) 
    • Dead lead reactivation
    • Bid out win back
    • Mass blasts - like introducing new products

    Advanced lead feedback right in FB Messenger, email or SMS text.

    Integration to send mail campaigns like post cards and letters automatically or blasts.


    If you want to never miss a lead again and give your customers a consistent wow experience that scales with your business growth, choose this plan.

    Basic (accelerate: referrals, reviews, upsells, lead connect time, and even rank higher in Google.)


    Advanced: (accelerate: sales, leads, repeat buyers, feedback) | Detailed dashboards showing performance and sales.

    Annual Contract

    • $259/m $400/m + businesses cards, passed on per send expenses like text messaging, emails, post cards...
    • Setup $700.